Porkuni is situating Southern-Eastern part of
Lääne-Viru County in the central part of
Pandivere upland.
Height from the sea level is 100-120 m. Distance to Gulf of Finland is 60 km, Lake Peipsi is approx. 70 km far (the main fishing lake for local fishermen). Town Tamsalu (centre of municipality) is located 7 km away from Porkuni, to county centre Rakvere is 25 km to north and Tallinn, capital of Estonia is 100 km to north-west.
Landscape is variable, some small hills and in valleys there are some small lakes. Largest lake in this area is Lake Porkuni. Lake Porkuni (47 ha) is feed by spring water and also with storm-water. From that lake begins river Valgejõgi which flows to Gulf of Finland.