NGO Porkuni

NGO Porkuni was established in 1998 for promoting local activities and finding new collabortion opportunities between local people and institutuons. First chairman for NGO was Mrs. Marika Tali. Main establishers were mostly local residents of Porkuni, Porkuni Agricultural Association and family Hallik, who owned numerous real estate objects in Porkuni. Lot of work were done and also participated in several NGO events at the county level.
In 2000 NGO submitted a project to REC Estonia, which was approved and the project got financed.
In the spring 2001 Danish partners visited Porkuni, they were impressed of the beautiful nature. During the summer lot of activities carried out, also held discussions about living environment in Porkuni. The beginning of river Valgejõgi was restored.
Outcome from the brainstorming was a new event - barrel race on the lake Porkuni. The first barrel race took place in Porkuni culture and field-day initiated by the municipality. At the same day 130 local people performed in one historical act which talked about history of Porkuni. Director of the act was mrs. Ene-Riina Ruubel. Also took place poetry reading, family contests, auction of the local amateur painter works. Participation reached to 900 visitors.

Intensive projects writing took place in autumn with Danish partners. Unfortunately non of the project haven't become in reality yet.

In winter 2002 opened the view of old trees to the manor from the lake side. In the spring new projects helped to financed Porkuni Pillar and to build mobile stage for the events.

REC Estonia project gave good motivation to the members of the NGO to be more active promoting local activities. Especially different institutions collaboration improved rapidly.

Generating new ideas and doing-togather-experience is very valuable and shows how less is needed to gain something remarkable.

In 2003 PRIA financed I stage of reconstruction of Porkuni's old community-house. Co-financing was provided by Porkuni Agricultural Association. Unfortunately II stage is still waiting its time.

Next to the community-house there is an original sign-tower. Projects regarding lake and fish-stocking has been financed.

We can say that our home village has become more known within few years as one of the beauteous place in Estonia, where lot of interesting events happens. Also awareness of local people have increased, so tehy know what to do if something wrong happens or from where to get help if needed. Also nature protection has become more important in out everyday life.

Certainly a lot of things have to be done, if only ideas flow wouldn't stop and also people who will make things happen.

All good ideas are welcome and we expect new members!

Ain Aasa